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Candi + Aaron’s Love Celebration

“We were super lucky with all of our vendors, we couldn’t speak highly of all of them! They all did their jobs and above and beyond, we were so happy with everything on the day, it was perfect. If I was to do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Candi + Aaron’s Love Celebration

Before Lennox Weddings relaunched we had a number of weddings that were organised by us.

Candi and Aaron at Frida’s Field, in the Byron Bay Hinterland, was one of them.

They booked us right at the beginning of Covid and, like many, were forced to postpone their date. Which wasn’t an issue until Aaron was diagnosed with Bowel cancer in August 2020. They made the decision to legally marry at the registry office in Brisbane in November 2021 with just a handful of their VIPs, and postpone their big love party until Covid was over.

On a stunning spring day on the 18th November 2022, we all celebrated their love and created a loving, lasting memory for them both.

Their Love Story

Candi and Aaron’s love affair had been compared to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunez in the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’.

It was just a little over a decade ago. Aaron was enjoying his life at 26, hanging with his mates, working in The Supplements Store, going to music festivals, and pumping iron. Candi at 20 years old was busy, working as a personal trainer in a gym, she ran outdoor bootcamps and exercise classes in high schools. She spent her weekends with her friends.

One typical morning Candi was training at the gym. When suddenly across the room she noticed this extremely hot, fit guy, doing squats – and her heart skipped a beat. As Aaron made his way past her to drink from the water fountain, she caught his eye and thought… “Jeez, he’s smoking hot but he totally knows it.”  And he left her mind as quickly as he had arrived.

Around the same time, maybe a few days later maybe before, Aaron was stopped in his tracks when he noticed Candi’s smile as she trained one of her clients. She was wearing a blue shirt and colourful sneakers. As he got a little hot under the collar! He thought to himself “Wow! How cute is she? I wish I wasn’t so shy so I could walk right up to her and ask for her phone number!”

As fate would have it, you can imagine Aaron’s surprise and sheer luck when not long after, Candi was standing right beside him in The Supplements Store listening intently to every single word he said, as he explained the shift she was about to cover for him.

Now Aaron’s not silly, he can see an opportunist moment when it arrives, and somewhere within this conversation he said to Candi, “look, let me take your number you know just in case!” Aaron was so smooth Candi didn’t even realise what had happened until her friend said afterwards “he totally just wanted your number!”.

Now in the typical rom-com kind of love story, they were back and forth “are we together, are we not?” for months! Now, we all know that Candi is THE nicest person you’ll ever meet, but after a year of fluffing around ‘together, but not officially together’  She gave Aaron an ultimatum over some Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.

Blatantly she said, “we are either together and all in, or we need to say goodbye!” Aaron sat there and thought about his life before Candi, and his life since Candi, and just like that they officially became a couple.

Since that time, they’ve achieved so much together, they’ve both managed and sold successful business, they’ve changed careers and created their wonderful little family, with their two boys Alfie and Sonny.

They’ve been on countless road trips with and without the kids. They’ve flown in helicopters, ridden camels, climbed mountains. They’ve laughed, they’ve cried, and they’ve loved through every single moment.

They’ve changed as people, Aaron has become softer, more of a loving person and not afraid to show his emotions, he says ‘to have someone who truly loves you allows you to open up and show your true self”.

And Candi has become more confident and believes in herself from having Aaron always remind her that she’s capable of anything. She says ‘He’s always in my corner supporting me and because of that I’m a happier more caring person with more to give because my cup is full.”

5 Minutes With Mrs Aleckson

We sat down with Candi to find out what they both loved most about their wedding day…

Tell us how you made the decision to choose Frida’s Field as the venue for your special day? 

“Byron Bay is a very special place to us, we always loved sneaking away to Byron for a little kid free weekend every once in a while just the two of us, and also spent many family holidays with our boys there. Byron Bay holds many happy memories for us so we knew we wanted to get married there. We needed a venue that could hold 120+ guests as we both have large families. This narrowed down the list very quickly and we were choosing between the Byron Bay Surf Club and Frida’s Field, we really wanted to be married by the beach but once we went to view Frida’s Field we were instantly in love! The vibe of Frida’s is something else, the way the breeze flows through and the beautiful big trees that give just the right amount of sunlight and shade.

The venue is super private so you feel like you and your guests are in your own little world, no random onlookers trying to watch what’s going on. It has a magical feel. Also the food was a massive tick from us, we knew we didn’t want just another wedding with alternate drop meals, we wanted really quality delicious share style food that all of our guests could really enjoy and that’s exactly what Frida’s Field offers. All of our guests commented on what a beautiful venue it was and everyone raved about the food!”

Was there a certain look or vibe that you wanted to create with your table settings, florals and reception?

“We really loved the white florals against the lush green background of Frida’s Field so that’s the vibe we went with for our flowers. We felt that the beautiful backdrop of Frida’s field spoke for itself so we kept it pretty minimal with table settings and also being share style food we didn’t want to take up too much table space. We went with fairy lights outside and a few extra drop light bulbs inside to create a soft romantic feel.”

Were there any vendors that you particularly loved working with?

“We were super lucky with all of our vendors, we couldn’t speak highly enough of all of them! They all did their jobs and above and beyond, we were so happy with everything on the day, it was perfect. If I was to do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Overall, what was your favourite part of your wedding day?

“My favourite part of our wedding day was the vibe. It was so full of love. You could honestly feel the love pouring out from everyone, all the staff, the vendors, our guests and of course Aaron and I!

My absolute favourite part of our wedding day was getting one last super happy and fun day with Aaron. Before we went to sleep that night he told me it had been the best day of his life and then we didn’t really get to have another day where he wasn’t bed ridden after that. It was very special to get to have that as our last real day out together and being blissfully unaware of how close we were to what was to come we were able to be in our happy love bubble of positivity. It will forever be the most special day to me.”

Aaron fought hard and strong but sadly, the illness took him from his loving family and friends on the 4th January 2023. With permission from his beautiful wife Candi, she has told us to ‘never ever stop shouting their love story from the rooftops’, and with a wedding this beautiful, we will happily oblige.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Aleckson for sharing your wonderful day with us – what a precious moment in time that is a loving fun memory, forever captured for you and your family and friends.

The Dream Team who helped to create this wonderful special day…

Photography: Sam Wyper Photography

Venue: Frida’s Field

Videography: Fly on the Wall Films

Celebrant & MC: Love for Life Celebrant

Florist: Wilderness Flowers

Entertainment: Dan Clark Band

Furniture: The Wedding Shed

Lighting: Byron Audio

Hair: Erica Coffey Bridal

Make up: Petula Jade Hairstylist

Cake: Rebellyous Cake Co

Guest Transport: Byron Bay Double Deckers

Grooms Transport: Byron Bay Luxe Limousines

Coordination: Lennox Weddings

If you’d like to make a donation to Bowel Cancer Australia in honour of Aaron Aleckson you can do so here.


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