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Our Best Tips for Summer Weddings

Having a perfect summer wedding maybe something you’ve dreamt of your whole life, but Australian summers are super harsh, so there are a couple of things you need to think about before booking your date.

Our Best Tips for Summer Weddings

Save the Dates

Summertime may be the perfect season to celebrate your wedding. All your loved ones will have holidays so they’ll be less likely to RSVP a “NO”. However, because of this exact reason many people will organise trips away. Ensuring your VIPs know of your wedding plans well in advance is a really good tip. We suggest sending out a simple Save The Date around six months before your wedding day. If you’re planning a destination wedding, many of your guests will be stoked to indulge in a wedding during their annual holiday.

Keep your Guests Cool

You may love a summer climate and sunny days, but not all your favourite people will feel the same. Our more mature guests usually melt when the thermometer gets above 30 degrees so creating the perfect summer wedding requires a few extra tokens to ensure everyone stays cool throughout the ceremony. Providing bottles of water for your guests during the ceremony may seem like a simple addition but is often forgotten, or get a little more inventive and provide a fun lemonade stand where guests can hydrate whilst waiting for the wedding party to arrive. Chat to your celebrant about providing a shorter, more streamlined ceremony so you and your guests aren’t baking in the sun for longer than necessary.

Provide Shade

If your dreams are set on an outdoor summer wedding you’ll need to provide some shade for your guests. Look at venues that provide a canopy of trees or a towering Figtree. If this isn’t available then you need to think about well placed umbrellas or gazebos. Providing parasols or fans for your guests is a lovely addition, especially if you personalise them.  And don’t forget to apply sunscreen to all of your exposed body parts, you don’t want to look like a lobster in your wedding photos.

Cooler Catering

When it comes to summer weddings, keeping guests cool and refreshed goes a long way in making the day memorable. Stay away from heavy hot meals and try summer-friendly foods such as salads and grilled seafood and meats, light summer salads filled with fresh vegetables – the perfect accompaniment to any summer meal. Fire up the BBQ too if you’d like. With cooler dishes like these at your summer wedding, your guests will be happy and won’t be falling asleep before the first dance.

Dress for Weather

When choosing what to wear during those hotter months, it’s best to go for lighter more breathable fabrics. Three piece suits look stunning but the groom will be passing out before his bride walks down the aisle. For the guys, wearing linens in lighter tones will keep him comfortable and suave. For the ladies, wearing white always reflects the sun, choose a wedding dress made of fine lace or rayon, a smoother fabric similar to silk that will provide lasting comfort. Or why not be a little more adventurous and choose a stunning cocktail dress or a colourful print. Adding a lighter smart casual dress code to your invites will help your guests know what to wear too as many have no idea how to dress for weddings, or particularly beach weddings so adding Barefoot Beach Wedding will go a long way.

Be Prepared

It might be summer but it rains a lot here in the Northern Rivers during summer, and that afternoon Northerly can often be worse than rain. No matter what season you decide on saying “I Do” it’s always encouraged to have a plan B – a backup venue that protects everyone from the elements. The weather can change within hours so having the expectation that you may have to retreat indoors will go a long way for your mental health. Make sure you have plenty of time for the setup and pack down too, chat to your stylists or the people you’re hiring your equipment from as to how much time they need to set up in the summer heat. If you’re doing it yourself make sure you give your people plenty of time to get ready once the party is ready to go.

Create an Experience

Your guests will arrive at your wedding ready to have a good time and celebrate your love. So if you want your summer wedding to be remembered for years to come, add in summer themed activities. Lawn games, fun summery cocktails, a gelato station or even syrupy slushies go a long way and will help to cool your guests down between the ceremony and reception. And they’ll all love the inventive and fun ways to create your best wedding ever!

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