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Marnie + Steve’s Stunning Love Celebration

“Lennox Weddings was a fabulous choice for us! They kept us organised and on time, had brilliant local recommendations and tips for our wedding. The whole experience was smooth and enjoyable for our long awaited post-covid wedding with overseas guests.”

Marnie + Steve’s Stunning Love Celebration

If you can cast your minds back to the UK summer of 2017, Marnie (originally from Lennox Head) had just moved to Switzerland from London but hadn’t made any friends yet. As her birthday approached she decided to make the journey back to London to see the friends she did have and attend the Visions Music Festival.

Steve had made his way from Coventry for the festival that promised amazing music, cool craft beer tents and a fun happy vibe. When Steve arrived, he was so disappointed to only find Heineken beer, and quite a crap festival.

Later that night as they both waited in line for the after party Marnie was chatting very loudly to her friends in Australia on her phone. After she hung up she proceeded to tell everyone in the queue that it was her birthday in Australia and Steve instantly noticed this stunning Aussie beauty.

After chatting for a few hoursthey were separated from friends and after multiple missed attempts to contact them, they had nowhere to stay. So they spent the early hours of the morning romantically walking the streets of London, chatting about their lives and past travels, they even shared in their very first kiss!

Over 6 years later they’ve now both moved to Melbourne to start a brand new life together, with their little boy, Archie.

But they wanted their move back to Australia to begin with a huge celebration of love.

When Marnie contacted us, she’d already acquired her celebrant but was needing an On the Day Coordinator to assist in planning their wedding at Frida’s Field in Nashua, nestled amongst the hinterland between Lennox Head and Byron Bay.

With all of Steve’s family and friends travelling in from the UK, many of their friends travelling in from across the globe and of course Marnie’s Lennox Head family just over the hills, together we put a team of perfect wedding vendors together.

But we feel the images captured by the uber talented Riku Kuroda speak for themselves.

The Team:

Frida’s Field

Riku Kuroda


The Wedding Shed


Byron Bay Double Deckers

Nourishing Doula Bec

Love stories

To celebrate the launch of Lennox Weddings, we recently co-ordinated a styled shoot at one of our all time favourite, hinterland venues, the charming, Villa Rustica.
Anna and Callan’s first date was to a little burger and beer joint in Brisbane. They stayed chatting until it closed, because it was pretty clear for both of them what they’d found was something special.

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