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Vendor Spotlight | Luke Yeaman Music

Luke Yeaman is one of our most beloved song birds, he’s not only a fabulous wedding singer he’s also a really good wedding reception MC and DJ too.

Vendor Spotlight | Luke Yeaman Music

He moved from Melbourne to Byron Bay back in 2007 to study at the SAE College, he’s lived in Lennox Head since 2019.

“I am now the proud father of my 3 year son Lachlan-Atlas to my beautiful fiancé Prudence. Those two are the sun to my solar system. Life orbits around those too. You’ll find us hanging out at the beach most weekends enjoying the sun and sand. Personally music is the compass that has guided my life for longer than I can recall. Aside from that I am an absolute basketball tragic and have been playing hoops since I was 10 years old. I still lace them up in the Byron Bay Basketball Association for the Wolves who have won the local championship 2 out of the last 5 seasons”.

He met his love Prudence when she interviewed him on her previous podcast ‘Pleasure Your Shelf’ an interview series about the literature on the bedside table of local and national artists. 

“Pruey is an exceptionally talented writer and has written books and publications for everything from the ABC to plenty of music publications. It is really funny because our first meeting ever was captured in audio for the whole world to hear. I can’t wait to see Lachlan’s teenage cringey face when we show it too him for the first time! ha ha”.

Luke’s been a musician since he was a teenager, he played his first professional gig at the tender age of 17 with his high school band ‘The Odeon Sound’. 

“We were really good! The band included celebrated Australian Rock Guitar legend and High School buddy, Davey Lane from You Am I. We knew he was going to be famous. Since then I honestly haven’t stopped performing, writing, recording and producing music. There have been more bands, duos, records, concerts and events than I could ever name. Throughout it all my solo project as a singer and song writer has never wained. It is the foundation of everything I do. Acoustic guitar and my voice. The purest form of my creativity. Music has genuinely been the compass that has guided my life journey.”

He’s lost count of how many couples he’s serenaded over the years, but he’s been performing music at weddings for about 10 years now and he maintains around 40 per year – so basic math tells us approx. 500! So he definitely knows the best songs to walk down the aisle to or the banger that will help start your VIPs dancing at your reception.

He has a good memory too, he remembers one of his first weddings when he had his ‘Aha’ moment of wanting to make this his full time gig.

“I remember early on when I was performing at one of my first weddings thinking “Oh my goodness, Wow,I love this! This is what I want to do all the time” All I can say is… It just felt right. The whole thing just suited me and my music. Aside from being a self confessed hopeless romantic and ‘loving love’… performing at weddings just came so natural to me. The couple and their guests are busy enjoying each other’s company and the gorgeous surroundings. This allowed me to provide a beautiful musical atmosphere without having to be the ‘centre of attention’. I could ‘add to’ the atmosphere rather than being the ‘focus of’ the atmosphere. It is a very subtle but profoundly different shift from public performances. It just made perfect sense to me. Then I found out I could DJ at the end of the night to bring the party … it was over! I was all in.”

Before he took on music as his career choice, he had a very short but very successful career as an Audio Engineer and Music Producer. He worked on some amazing projects including credits on records by Bruce Springsteen, Spiderbait & Xavier Rudd, to name a few. 

“I even met and recorded with my teenage guitar hero Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine. My music performance continued to take precedence so I slowly let go of this career. If I wasn’t performing music at weddings I think I would happily go back to that.”

His best piece of advice for couples choosing their ultimate wedding soundtrack?

“I know sometimes this part can seem a little daunting, but my honest advice is to have fun. Truthfully, there is no ‘wrong answer’. As long as we make sure that the songs you pick reflect you as a couple, then you have done it perfectly.”

To book Luke for your wedding you can contact him through our directory here.

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