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FAQs for loved up couples

Any questions you have that aren’t covered below, just reach out to us. We’d love to chat through your wedding goals!

Yes, many of our experienced wedding suppliers will offer a discount for a weekday wedding, all you need to do is ask one of our personal wedding assistants when you have your initial consultation. Or you can ask the vendor directly.
Any one of our celebrants will be able to answer this for you. In summary, once you choose your celebrant, there is the Notice of Intended Marriage that needs to be received no later than one month from your ceremony date. Then in the days leading up you will need to sign the declaration of no legal impediment to marriage in the presence of your celebrant. On the day, depending on the type of ceremony you have agreed to, the bare minimum is; introduction of celebrant, monitum, legal vows and the signing of the 3 certificates – one of which you get to take home on the day!
Absolutely, we are in full support of the entire LGBTQI+ community.
A classic elopement consists of you, your fiance, the celebrant and two witnesses, but we understand there may be a couple more people you’d like to invite to share in your special moment.
Since Covid we’ve seen an increase in the micro-wedding, this consists of approx. 30 guests and is much more scaled back than the typical big bash style wedding.

FAQs for vendors

Want to know more about joining the Lennox Weddings team of Vendors? Here is some helpful informaiton that may help you along the way

If a couple has booked you directly you will need to ensure you have a contract in place setting out your T&Cs and explaining what would happen if you can no longer make their wedding date. If you are working with Lennox Weddings directly we will have a contract in place that states in the event of sickness or injury it is the responsibility of the individual vendor to ensure their role is replaced.
Yes, we are planning a launch party in the 2nd quarter of 2023, and aiming to have at least one more event towards the end of 2023. Moving forward into 2024, we aim to have at least 2 networking events across the year.
We are continually updating the website, and creating content for our blog and social media presence which takes time and effort. The fee to sign up is absorbed back into the business to pay for website improvements and social media ads and awareness campaigns to ensure our vendors are getting their ROI. Although we do believe it will take some time to gain confidence in the market, we hope to do this within the first 6 -12 months.
This is a question we are asked every single day, and we’ve thought long and hard about it. This really depends on how many venues we will be offering weddings at. If there are 10 venues on offer then we will take up to 10 vendors in all of the other categories, we felt this was the fairest and easiest way.

FAQs about Lennox Weddings

What about Lennox Weddings and who are we? Find out more below. 

Yes, we’re constantly improving the site and have big plans for more features. We currently have phase 2 and phase 3 approach planned which we hope to release a little later in 2023. Watch this space.
Absolutely, at the point of launch we had a small number of vendors and venues that had agreed to be a part of the launch team. Our team are constantly reaching out to other local wedding suppliers in the area to invite them on board and we’re hoping our directory will grow into a wonderful thriving community of the very best wedding vendors the Ballina, Lennox Head and Byron Bay region has on offer.
Well spotted. We work with a vast number of venues around the Lennox Head region in Ballina, Teven, Nashua, Coopers Shoot, Brunswick Heads, Coolgardie and Evans Head. Which is great for our vendors and our couples because we literally have something for every style and wedding vibe out there.
Lennox Weddings and Events was created by Kaye Adam back in 2019. She decided on a different path in 2021 and sold it on. Since then LW has been operating in a very simple way. Taking on weddings through Facebook, Instagram and through referral. During 2022 the team went on a major rebrand and started think of different ways they could make wedding planning easy and fun, and so Lennox Weddings was reborn in February 2022.

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